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Is it somebody’s birthday? Your anniversary? Do you need to say I’m Sorry, Thank You, or Congratulations? Or maybe there’s a special day coming up – like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas – and you want to mark the occasion in a meaningful way.

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Whatever the situation, if you’re looking for a beautiful bouquet of flowers to send to a friend or loved one, look no further than Interfone.

We make it easy for you to order flowers online. With free next day delivery to locations across the UK, and flower delivery also available to locations elsewhere in the world, you can rest assured that your personalised gift will arrive in time to brighten up somebody’s day.

A quick guide to flowers and their meanings

Flowers are the perfect gift no matter what the occasion. But sometimes it can be difficult to decide on the right bouquet when buying flowers online.

If you’re not sure which online flowers to order, it might help to know the meanings behind different plants, as well as the colours of the blossoms.

For example, roses are generally considered to be the flowers of love, but different shades carry different meanings. White means innocence and purity, while red conveys passion. Pink roses symbolise happiness and thankfulness, yellow roses are for friendship and orange conveys desire.

Lilies come in a variety of types, and each one has its own meaning. For example, the Madonna lily symbolises purity and the colourful alstroemeria lilies represent loyalty and friendship, while calla lilies are a symbol of beauty. In addition, the stargazer lily is a sign of sympathy and they often appear in funeral arrangements.

Carnations are another popular type of flower to include in bouquets. Pink carnations are the traditional bloom for Mother’s Day, while red carnations symbolise ardour and white means good luck.

Other flowers that symbolise love include chrysanthemums, tulips, bluebells, iris, ambrosia, daisies, forget-me-nots and agapanthus. Including ivy in a bouquet is also a symbol of love.

Of course, it’s not just about the meaning behind flowers. If you know the recipient really likes a certain type of flower, or a certain colour, perhaps use that information to select a bouquet that you think they will enjoy.

In addition to the type of flowers and the colours, be sure to also consider the size of the bouquet, and any extras that you would like included with the flower delivery.

Items like teddy bears can be a good choice for a birthday bouquet or to say Get Well Soon, while a gift set with a bottle of champagne or box of chocolates could be the perfect romantic touch to a Valentine’s Day gift or anniversary present.

Online flowers with next day delivery from Interfone

Here at Interfone flowers, we take great pride in making stunning bouquets to suit any occasion. All of our flowers are made to order to ensure freshness and quality, not made up in advance. And unlike many other companies we also select the items for our gift sets ourselves, including chocolates, cuddly toys and bottles of bubbly. This means we can offer some of the best quality and prices around.

To get started, simply browse our site to find a beautiful bouquet full of fresh, high-quality flowers online. Or if you’re looking for something unique, feel free to give us a call on 0800 212 824. A friendly member of our team will be happy to work with you to put together the perfect bouquet.